Have you ever left the house expecting to wind up in an emergency room? Of course not! Nobody does.

But because you’re reading this page right now, perhaps you or someone you care about has recently been seriously injured. A day that should have gone perfectly smoothly suddenly turned into a disaster. And now you’re left picking up the pieces.

And the worst part? You’re convinced that the injury isn’t even your fault.

Shouldn’t you be and other burdensome injury-related expenses if you or a loved one has been involved in a:

I know exactly how to deal with insurance companies in these situations.

I’m Modoline Altenor, PA, your Orlando Personal Injury Lawyer… and I’d like to help.

I have a few spots open on my calendar next week (and possibly even sooner) for private, confidential personal injury consultations here in greater Orlando at no cost:

What a relief! Let’s set up a consultation.


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You deserve more than to be treated like “just another case.”

I definitely will give The Law Office of Modoline 5 stars!
Modoline has superb customer service skills. She made the whole experience easy and smooth for me.

Efonzia L.

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If the countless “INJURED? CALL ME NOW!” billboards around Orlando are any indication, there’s no shortage of personal injury attorneys ready and willing to represent you.

But what are they really giving you?

In many cases, it’s not much more than assembly-line representation. so that they can pack more clients into their schedules.

But when you or a loved one are recovering from injuries, you deserve more.

My passion is helping my fellow Floridians get back to normal as quickly and painlessly as possible after being injured.

And in many cases, that means taking a stand for your right to be compensated for your injuries.

You get paid for your injuries… or I’m completely FREE!
*I do have limited availability, though, so contact me today and let’s get our meeting scheduled as quickly as possible.

If we determine during our time together that there is a , I’ll outline our legal strategy and invite you to hire me to represent you

If not, then you will have gained the valuable knowledge you need about your legal rights and the courses of action you have available.

Either way, you won’t have to pull out your credit card.

I’m 100% FREE until I get you the compensation you deserve.

So by contacting me to schedule a time to talk, you’re not risking anything but an hour of your time.

But you are risking something by doing nothing. You’re risking leaving the money on the table – money you’re entitled to!


There’s probably a voice in your mind that’s saying,

“I should just drop this. Trying to get compensated is going to be a hassle… and I probably won’t even get enough money to make it worth my time.”

Which is worse, though?

  • Spending an hour with a legal expert to find out how much money you could realistically be entitled to, or

  • Spending the rest of your life paying for your injuries yourself and wondering, “What if I HAD tried?”

I think you already know the answer to that. So why keep telling yourself you should contact me?

Do it now, and then breathe a sigh of relief. You’re one step closer to getting your life back if you are considering engaging the services of a personal injury attorney in the Orlando area.

Yes! Let’s set up a consultation.

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