Carla Smith
Modoline is by far the best lawyer. I was in car accident and she was with me every step of the way. She handled my case with the up care and kept me informed. She was able to get back more than I expected. She will be the first person I call if I ever have any problems. I recommend Modoline to my family and friends if they ever have any problems and need a lawyer. She is by far the BEST!!!! Thank you so much Modoline Altenor.

Toynesia Best
I was in a car accident that left me confused and in pain. I had no idea what to do next, all I knew was I needed help. Modoline and her team calmed my fears and anxiety immediately. They made my well-being a priority and offered realistic outcomes for my case. Both Modoline and Whitney did outstanding work! Thank you!

Djummy Milard
Car accidents can go from ruining your day to ruining your life if you don’t have the right legal team to fight on your side. And Attorney Modeline Altenor and her team will set things right! They have the whole package: professionalism, good medical referrals, good negotiating skills and the tenacity to bring her clients good results . I loved my experience. If any of my friends or family members would have the misfortune of getting into a car accident, I wouldn’t hesitate to refer them to the law offices of Modeline Altenor!

Latasha Washington
Modoline alternor is the best i got into a car accident i really wasn’t expecting anything back cause i only went to the chiropractor only once she still was able to get me what i deserved she is the best lawyer ever and if i ever have anymore problems she will be the first one I’ll call Thank you so much Modoline Alternor.

Robin Primas

Modoline Altenor is the BEST! She is very focused, detail oriented and follows through. Modoline and her staff are very professional and more than willing to go over and beyond. I highly recommend the Law Office of Modoline Altenor.

Yoselin Leon
I got into a car accident and didn’t have a clue about the procedure with a lawyer. When I talked to Modoline she gave me all the details of what to do and helped me through the whole process. She took care of it all and fought for me until the max. At this office they really took good care of me and will recommend them to anyone. Thank you for everything!

Iyana Shanice’ Tucker
We all know car accidents are traumatic experiences that can change how you feel about something we do everyday, riding in a vehicle. I got into a car accident this past August while visiting my grandparents in Florida with my boyfriend in the car. A car ran a stop sign and hit us, the car flipped 3 times. While lucky to be alive, we ended up in an ambulance. The best thing the hospital did for us through their services was recommended Modoline. Modoline is brilliant and know…

Xavier Garcia
I love the office of modoline they really take care of you and stick with you into your case is closed and man I had a pretty bad motorcycle accident and they took care of me if I ever have another accident of any type. This will be the place I will call again

Fallon Lehman
My fiancé and I got to work closely with attorney, Modeline. She was amazing, and helped us get through tough times with some sort of ease. She helped us get a maximum settlement, and for that we are… truly grateful!!!! Thanks Modeline!!!

Chyna Red
When I was hit in a car accident it seemed like everything crashed. After being contacted by Modoline Altenor, I was convinced she had my best interest at hand. She was always professional, up front and honest. I’m thankful for that, it really makes the process a lot easier.

Haley Marquette
Modoline was amazing! I highly recommend her team. They are the best! She helped with everything and more. I am going to her for all my future help in car accidents! Thank you for everything!

Modaline, thank you for your patience, understanding, and professionalism in dealing with my unfortunate incident. You made sure to answer all of my questions and kept me up-to-date.  She is extremely professional in her work, but also an exceptionally friendly person. We could not be more pleased with our experience with her law office. Thank you Modoline

Bridget Rodriguez
My son and I were involved in a car accident this past june 2015 and I called Modoline Altenor, she was awesome she always responded to my calls and emails promptly and was concerned about our well-being… I would recommend this law office to any one who is in need.

Marta Concepcion
After getting hit by a car while waiting at a crosswalk I consulted with several family members on who to get as an attorney without any progress. I called up Modoline Altenor and got a response about my case in just a few hours.
Shortly after communicating about my case via email with Modoline , we met with Phil Laws in our 宁夏福彩app官方下载 who helped explain everything and inform us about the possible outcomes.
After Phil Laws left we researched Modoline to make the final decision if we wanted to move forward with Modoline representing us. We were impressed by her background and experience and were excited to have her defending us.
Working with Modoline was an absolute pleasure and definitely helped us to get through the process worry-free. She kept us update to date on the progress of our case, responded to questions and concerns efficiently, let us know what we had to do on our part, and made sure that the medical providers communicated with us quickly.
The amount of money that she was able to shave off of the medical bills through negotiations was absolutely amazing and left us with enough of our settlement to cover future medical bills.  I would definitely recommend Modoline Altenor to anyone who needs attorney

Wanda Diaz
I was in a car accident on May 3, 2015 and I immediately called Modoline Altenor’s office. They assigned my case to Modoline Altenor, she was wonderful and handle all of my needs quickly. I am very thankful to have had the opportunity to work with such a professional and reasonable law firm. I would recommend this law firm to others.

Kishawn Dew
Never had an attorney before but going on others’ prior terrible experiences I can honestly say my experience was great. Calling and coming into contact with my attorney Modoline Altenor wasn…9;t like pulling teeth. I could almost always reach her or expect a prompt phone call after leaving a message. Usually always available, kind, and courteous.

Kathy Cowan
Working with Modiline was such a pleasure. Was there when I needed her and went above and beyond her job. Thank you so much Modoline for being so professional ,personnel, and doing your best. I recommend all to you.
Kathy Cowan

Kurt Hohl
I just wanted to thank Modoline Altenore . I was in a Motorcycle accident with Multiple serious injuries. The person that was at fault had very Minimal insurance cover…age. I was devastated not knowing how long I was going to be out of work and the amount of my medical bills I was facing. Everything I looked at said I was going to be in deep in debt for someone else’s negligence. As soon as I contacted Modoline, she was responding to me and my concerns… Modoline had very little to work with from the other drivers insurance carrier. She asked me just to be patient and she would do her best to make sure I was taken care of. Just the few times that I had spoke to her I knew she represented the reputation of her Law firm. I did what she asked and just gave her time to work through my claim. I was astonished by her dedication to ensure my needs were met. My case was worth very little in the end monetarily, but I was treated like I had a Multi-Million dollar case. Modoline even took some time to advise me in some of the decisions I could of made before this happened that in the future would help protect myself and my family. I would recommend this law firm to anyone with this type of need. I would never choose a different Law firm. Modoline Thank you so much for your representation! Kurt J. Hohl

Amanda Rody
If you are looking for an attorney after an accident I would definitely suggest Modoline. She was always easy to reach and kept me updated through every step of my case. She went above and beyond for …my case. I couldn’t thank her enough!

Isaiah Williams
I was involved in a motorcycle accident one day coming 宁夏福彩app官方下载 from work. The first thing that came to mind (After the pain of course) was to call attorney Modoline’s office. I was assigned attorney Modoline Altenor, and boy was she so great!! She was with me the whole way through, keeping in close contact with me. Miss Altenor got my medical bills down from $30,000 to just over 3,000. It was a miracle in my eyes. I am so thankful for her! If I was ever in another accident I would definitely call Motoline Altenor. Thanks again Modoline.

Tracey Eddings
I was in a car accident in December 2014. I contacted The Law Offices of Modoline Altenor for assistance. Once my case was given to Attorney Modoline Altenor, she worked tirelessly collecting information and presenting my case to the right people. She got the job done and was a pleasure to work with. If a lawyer is ever needed in the future, I will contact this office again

kisha ishmael
My Son was involved in a auto accident in April 2015. I called the law Office of Modoline Altenor to help us out. My attorney was Modoline Altenor, ESQ. Mrs. Altenor was very helpful and worked hard on our case. She kept us notified of the case at every turn. I felt at peace with her. I was very happy with our out come.

Melissa S.
Our family was in a MVA in September 2014. The first person we called was Modoline Altenor’s office. It was the best decision we made. Our attorney Modoline Altenor worked very hard on our case to get all medical bills paid and kept us informed throughout the whole process. She took time to go over the case and answered all of our questions. We would highly recommend The Law Offices of Modoline Altenor.

Adrienne m silva
It was a pleasure to have had Modoline Altenors office and MS. Modoline Altenor represent me , she made ​​us feel that we were important to her always mantined us informed and we were never lied to.the experience was really good i recomed that law office 100% , she was really professional in good at her job o and very friendly that make u feel much better thank for all ur help im happy with everything you did for us . it was a car accident they did a good job

Jerson Feliciano
I had my first car accident and call Modoline Altenor law offices. As it was my first time i did not what to do when such a bad day happends. Modoline Altenor represented me in this process, and believe me…, she answered every single question and make everything so clear and easy understanding to me. She was very polite, friendly, proffesional and a fighter, she never quit on us, never steped back not even once. I recomend Modoline Altenor in her areas of practice to everyone. Exelent Attorney.

Leon L.
Modoline was awesome! She was informative and helpful. I felt Like she really cared about me and my case. I would recommend Modoline Altenor to anyone who has been in a car accident. I am so thankful for Modoline law firm. Thank you all!

William Epps
My name is William Epps, I really appreciate Modoline Altenor as my Attorney, she was very helpful and put in countless hours to make sure that I will receive the max amount of settlement. I personally will recommend the Law Office of Modoline Altenor to everyone that needs an Attorney. Again I say thanks for everything that was, said and done on your behalf while preparing this case.

Maria Nieves
Modoline Altenor was the attorney for my husband’s and I auto accident , I cannot say enough how happy we are with her services , she was able to get a great settlement. At the end, she was able to get the liens reduced, which resulted in more settlement money. I will referred anybody to Modoline Altenor and would tell everyone I know involved in an accident to call Modoline Altenor for help. She communicates well, she works quickly and efficiently and she kept us in the loop the whole time. I had no idea what to do but she walked me through the whole process, specifically us changing lawyers and coming from bad experience with the other lawyer. She will slways be our lawyer.
Thank you so much Modoline !!!! Edgar & Maria

Jessica Shearman
I chose Modoline Altenor and partners last year in november 2014….I had modoline as my attorney and she is awesome…. always explained to me exactly what was going on with my case and i never had to be left guessing what the next step was…. she got me back way more than what i was expecting and she is the most wonderful attorney i have ever dealt with…always told me to hang in there and promised the wait would be well worth it and was she exactly right yes she was…. glad i chose to go with this law firm and glad she was the one to take my case she is one awesome lady!!!!!!

Angela Webb
Thanks to Modoline Altenor law firm I was able to find an extraordinary attorney. Miss Modoline Altenor is an extraordinary , great attitude, willing to fight for her clients. This is my first real experience with a lawyer and Ms Modoline Altenor gives me all the confidence I needed, she kept me informed about every step she will take, it really didn’t matter what the out come was but just knowing that they was someone who cares, compassionate, understanding, and great attitude and really doesn’t mind going over and beyond for her clients. Miss Modoline really deserved more than a five star in my book, she is an awesome attorney and a unique individual. GREAT JOB WELL DONE AND KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.

Carrie Pritchard
I will be forever grateful for you all. My car was hit by a semi and I am represented by Modoline Altenor. She has been absolutely amazing and she’s treated me like family and made this whole process bearable for me. I know every time I call her she will resolve my issue and answer any questions in a friendly, timely manner. Thank you so much for everything, I will always tell anyone that will listen how amazing you’ve been. You guys are top shelf! I will never go with any other law firm for any injury, and I’ll always request Modoline Altenor!

jay h
Modoline Altenor what a great job you have done. A solid job helping me and my family in these hard times.I appreciate everthing you have done thank you very much

Al Leonares
Atty. Modoline Altenor is a ‘God-sent’ lawyer and negotiator, who took over our case and brought it to full completion above and beyond our expectations. She fought and negotiated our case as if i…t was her life on the line. In our dealings with her, we observed that she could turn relationships from total strangers to close acquaintances. There’s an aura of positive spirit, active and contagious personality that makes one feel that someone special cares and is deeply concerned about your well-being. We have been fortunate and blessed to experience that out of this seemingly unpleasant encounter brought about by a car accident, by no fault of our own, we were privileged to meet “real” people who care enough to make a difference.
Many thanks to you, Atty. Modoline, and to all the staff involved in our case at Modoline Altenor’s office. Kudos for a job well done !!!

Venkata Dantuluri
I was involved in a rear-end collision while idling at a stop light in December 2014. I made the mistake of trying to be nice and decided not to call police. The at-fault party and I exchanged insuran…ce details and went our way after taking some photos on the cell phone. Fast forward a couple of days and I started experiencing stiff neck and back that made me go to the hospital. At around the same time I was diagnosed with an unrelated health condition that aggravated my stress levels. I came across Modoline Altenor Law thru Google searching and sent them a message. I was immediately contacted by an attorney who listened to my issue, took the time to explain the process and risks. I was glad I made the call ! My case was  handed to Modoline Altenor. I am glad I had her on my side.
I found a good Chiropractor and attended sessions for about 6 weeks that helped alleviate some of my neck and back pain. Then I had to undergo a surgery for the mentioned health condition that essentially stopped my treatment. Because of my recovery from surgery, I could not get MRIs or X-rays taken. In a nut shell, my case looked bleak with no hard evidence to show for my suffering. Modoline kept me informed via emails and phone calls through out the process. She fought for me with the at-fault insurance company and got a very reasonable settlement for my future treatments despite the shortcomings of the case. She even went beyond and worked with my health insurance and Chiropractor to reduce my past medical bills to increase my settlement amount. I will not hesitate to call Modoline Altenor Law office in the future should the need arise. And I very highly recommend the legal services of Modoline and her team.

Eboni Davis-Bryant
Modoline was my attorney she kept me informed on a difficult case every step of the way. She was polite, courteous, and had my best interest the while step. I appreciate the hard work she did on my case and the service she provided. I highly recommend Modoline to fight for you.

Christina Tassill
Modoline Altenor, ESQ was such a pleasure to work with! if ever i need a lawyer again i will definitely contact your office!…

Adina R
Ms. Modoline Altenor took over my case and did wonders. I am very grateful for her! She got the maximum amount for my settlement in such a short time span. She also kept in touch and reassured me that everything would go as planned. She is very professional and she keeps her promises. I would definitely recommend her and this law firm to anyone. Thanks for everything!

Eric Paniagua
Hello there, I was in car accident back in Jan and decided to have Modoline Altenor represent me in my case. My actual lawyer was Modoline Altenor and will say, I was blown away with her customer service, efficiency and communication with me. She not only did her job, she beat my expectations on my case and glad she was who represented me in case. Modoline, God forbid I’m in another accident but if so, you no doubt will be my lawyer again and anyone I know is ever in a car accident, I will be referring them to your office with full confidence they will be just as satisfied as I am. Thank you again. Like they say, men lie, women lie, numbers don’t and Modoline you proved this to me to the fullest.