When I talk with people who have been in , the first thing they tell me is, “I’m just lucky to be alive.”

I completely understand, because all too often, the

I don’t know your situation just yet – you may have been in the accident yourself, or you may be looking for information for someone else – but I do know that the aftermath can be devastating.

In addition to the long journey to recovery (or the journey of grief if you lost a loved one in the accident), you’re shouldering the financial burden of the accident, too!

You’ve probably found how tough it can be to “pick up the pieces” when you’re worried about taking care of expenses like:

  • Emergency transport and en-route critical care

  • Emergency room treatment

  • Hospitalization

  • In-宁夏福彩app官方下载 medical services

  • Lost wages

  • Funeral and burial costs

The list goes on and on. But as you’ve discovered, trucking companies aren’t usually quick to step up and pay for these expenses (much less the pain and suffering you’ve endured because of the accident).

Truck and Tractor Trailer Accidents – I’m here to step in on your behalf and get you the money you deserve quickly.

If you haven’t received the compensation you’re entitled to, I’d like to invite you to book a consultation.

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Best Law Firm!! She is a great attorney and her staff is very attentive. Mrs.Modeline and her staff actually care about their clients. She handled a case for me and i will greatly allow her to handle any case i have from here on out.

Cassandra A.

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I’m sure you’ve noticed there is NO shortage of truck and tractor trailer attorneys in the Orlando area.
You’ve sensed that there’s something different about me, though.
And you’re absolutely correct.

From the time I came from Manhattan at the age of four, I’ve been in love with Florida.

Floridians are unlike anyone else. Here, I feel like I’m truly a part of a community.

That means I’m protective of my people.

When there’s a collage of medical bills on your kitchen table and the trucking or tractor trailer company won’t pay, I have a problem with that.

So if you have a solid case, I’m going to fight tooth and nail to get you the money you’re entitled to.

I’ve already recovered millions in compensation for my fellow Floridians. In fact, I recovered over $1 million in the first few months of my practice!

Thats right! Get Paid or I’m FREE. Period.
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I know some personal injury attorneys like to charge substantial retainers before they even start working on their case.

Doesn’t that make you wonder if they’re truly confident in their abilities?

I get paid out of the award or settlement you receive. That’s it.

If I put in the work and don’t get you paid, then it doesn’t make sense to ask you to to pay for it, right?


So let’s schedule a FREE consultation and find out if you’re entitled to compensation (and how much). Then, I’ll walk you through the simple process, and you can decide how quickly you want to move forward.

Yes! I’m ready to get paid!

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